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Maid Service

Maid Service, Housekeeping and House Cleaning Checklists

Maid Service

Maid Service

When you're looking for maid service we have a service provider who can offer you the right service at the right price. You can rest assured that every one of our maid service providers has been vetted by BidMyCleaning and assigned a rating but they also all agree to comply with our BidMyCleaning checklists to ensure a clean sweep every time. From a standard cleaning to a extensive move-out/move-in cleaning or even a regular weekly maid service.

Standard Cleaning (Regular or Single/Once-Off)
A Standard Cleaning is perfect for maintaining the cleanliness of your home with a regular service or after a Deep Cleaning or Annual Cleaning. If it has been 6 months or more since your home was last thoroughly cleaned then we recommend that you consider a Deep Cleaning first and then sign up for regular Standard Cleaning thereafter.

Deep Cleaning
A Deep Cleaning service is more extensive than the Standard Cleaning and includes additional items such as cleaning inside and behind the refrigerator and stove, cleaning blinds and window tracks and cleaning light fixtures. A Deep Cleaning is recommended every 6 months if you regularly clean your home yourself or as a first step before beginning a regular maid service.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning
ALandlords typically have a requirement that rentals be cleaned on moving out and when a home is sold the current owner will usually clean the home in preparation for the next owner. Similarly, if you are moving in to a new home you may want to do a clean sweep and make sure the cleanliness of the home meets your standards. The Move In/Move Out service ensures a thorough cleaning of all floors, countertops, appliances, cupboards, baseboards, fixtures and fittings. Window Washing and Carpet Cleaning must be added as separate services.

Annual Cleaning
Annual Cleaning is the most comprehensive cleaning service offered. View our checklist to see a list of all the cleaning tasks included. We recommend that you do an Annual Cleaning once every year to maintain your home. It is also recommended that you add Window Washing and Carpet Cleaning to your annual home maintenance.

Recession Affects Cleaning Habits and Services

Economic Climate Affects House Cleaning Most people would consider having someone come in to clean their home a luxury and when times get tough it is the so-called luxuries which get cut first. For many people who have had their hours cut or lost their job, cleaning their house is now something they must do themselves instead of hiring a cleaning service - in fact a survey done in 2009 by the SDA puts this at around 60%. An even higher percentage of respondents, 78% said that economic conditions have influenced their cleaning habits which changes like buying fewer cleaning products or buying less expensive cleaning products. Another group say that they began to make their own cleaning products at home while others say they are cleaning less often. These days everyone is looking for ways to save some money or get the most value for what they spend. Here are some ways to do just that:
  1. Buy in bulk - the initial cost is usually higher but the product will last longer and cost less over the long run
  2. Choose multi-purpose cleaning products - there is no need to have a tile cleaner, shower cleaner, mirror cleaner when the same products is often effective at cleaning multiple types of surfaces.
  3. Choose concentrated products - these can often be used in much smaller quantities or even diluted to make them stretch further.
  4. Choose refillable products - don't pay for the cost of packaging each time you purchase a product.
  5. Research the most effective product - with the ready availability of customer reviews these days you really can make sure you are buying the most effective cleaning product.
Effectiveness was the most important factor for consumers when it comes to purchasing cleaning products with 87% of people ranking this highly. After effectiveness, cost and convenience are most important. A summary of the survey results will be available on SDA’s Web site at

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Standard Checklist

Standard Checklist

Our Checklist for Standard Cleanings
Deep Checklist

Deep Checklist

Our Checklist for Deep Cleanings
Move Out Checklist

Move Out Checklist

Our Checklist for Move-Out Cleanings
Annual Checklist

Annual Checklist

Our Checklist for Annual Cleanings

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