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Green Directory

Link Directory of Featured Green Resources

Green Directory
We've hand picked our favorite blogs, shopping sites and webzines and listed them here for you. We hope you find our green links directory to be a useful resource. Since blogs and sites sometimes switch off their lights we check our links often but if you find one that isn't working please let us know at


The Green Guide

The Green Guide is the premier source of information for environmentally conscious consumers.

The Consumer Union Guide to Environmental Labels

Learn more about products that are eco-labeled compared to those that are conventionally farmed or produced.

National Institute of Health, Household Products Database

Over 7,000 consumer brands with links to health effects from Material Safety Data Sheets provided by manufacturers.

Washington Toxics Coalition

WTC promotes alternatives, advocates policies and empowers communities to create a healthy environment.


Portal and search engine.

How To

Green Mommy Guide

Suggestions to help you on your journey towards Going Green

Practical Environmentalist

Practical steps to improving the environment.

Recycle, Renew, Sustain


Working to Build Zero Waste Communities.

Nike Let Me Play Recycling

Recycle your old sneakers which are ground make different parts of sport surfaces in poor communities.

The Compost Bin

Working towards zero waste - How to recycle organic waste.


An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth - Official website of An Inconvenient Truth.

Climate Change Action

Campaigning Against Climate Change.

Global Warming Watch

Pull up a ringside seat and witness the catastrophe of the epoch.

Its Getting Hot In Here

Dispatches from the Global Youth Climate Movement.


Climate science commentary by actual climate scientists.

One Degree at

To cut through the confusion about climate change and global warming.

Carbon Offset


Balance the environmental impact of your driving, flying and home energy use by purchasing carbon offsets.


Online community for households and businesses to get paid for reducing the carbon emissions from their everyday energy usage.


Accidental Environmentalist Jolly Green Girl Confidential

Eco-friendly ideas for a green living : Embrace Eco-friendly products : respect the Earth : Live Organically

BTC Elements

Being the Change; Adventures in responsible consumerism.

DeSmog Blog

Clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science.


Helping the earth with technology.


Because Mother Nature is a woman.


To help navigate the constantly expanding world of green products.


Up to ten stories daily about innovations that are saving the planet.

Ideal Bite

Connecting enlightened companies with responsible consumers who are ready to make small changes that add up.


News, information and opinion on environmental and economic sustainability, green business, and environmental politics.


Dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.


About My Planet

Tips, news and community covering green topics from A to Z

Groovy Green

Striving to become the Peoples Green Magazine.

Domino Magazine Green List - 2007

The guide to living with green style from furniture and home decor to clothes and beauty products.

Green Strides

A web daily with news and information about green building and green furnishings for the home and office.

Lime - Healthy Living With A Twist

News and how-to videos on recycling, alternative energy, carbon-neutral living and keeping your home and wardrobe eco-smart.

World Changing

Online magazine that works from a simple premise: that the tools, models and ideas for building a better future lie all around us.


3r Living - Future Friendly Products

Products are carefully selected to reduce waste, reuse discarded materials, and recycle. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 3r.

A Natural Home

A line of organic and safe home accessories that are expertly made and affordable.

Buy Green

Tools you need to understand why a product qualifies as 'green'.

Great Green Goods

For the earth friendly consumer.

Green Shopper

World's Largest Environmentally Friendly Super Store and Online Community for Green Shoppers.

Green World Bags

Shopping bags for the responsible shopper. Reusable.

IF Green

Contemporary, original, affordable furniture, cabinets and casework, made only from sustainable products.

Olive Barn

A unique garden and home web retail store .

The Carbon Neutral Shop

Aims to provide excellent, great value goods and services which help to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.


Succulent LA

A sustainable alternative to cut flowers, succulents are beautiful, use less water and are the gift that truly keeps on giving.

Flip and Tumble

Cute, compact and creative alternative to plastic shopping bags.

What To Wear


Uber stylish, eco friendly and affordable clothing - to prove that "green" clothing doesn't have to look like a potato sack.

Simple Shoes

The nice little shoe company getting in touch with its inner hippie.

Home and Garden

Apartment Therapy

Changing the world, one apartment at a time.

Earth Friendly Gardening

Sustainable Gardening for a Healthy Planet.


Innovations in sustainable architecture and green design for the home.


Vivavi offers modern style eco-friendly furniture & furnishings.



Automotive topics from a green perspective.

Green Car Congress

Energy, Technologies, Issues and Policies for Sustainable Mobility.



Sustainable, renewable, recycled and organic childrens products - emphasis on creative D.I.Y. projects and art.


Facts and fun to teach little ones about being green.

The Green Guide for Kids

Resource for kids to find ideas, information, and inspiration to go green.



Dedicated to rounding up all the best 'green' news on celebrities supporting the environment and humanitarian causes.

Social Media


It's Digg for Green. User generated news.

AllTop - Green

The digital magazine rack of the Internet. Headlines of the latest stories from dozens of sites and blogs.

Web Directories


Web Directory for Eco Friendly & Sustainable Living.


How green is your city? Listings of green products and green businesses with reviews.

MiriBlack Directory

Directory with Green category.

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