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Eco Web Links

Reviewss of Eco-Friendly Sites from Around the Web

Eco Web Links

Our Favorite Green Websites

In this section we review our favorite Green or Eco-Friendly websites from around the Internet. These sites have caught our attention because they hold the well being of our planet and its inhabitants in as high a regard as we do.

Bidmycleaning’s Eco-Friendly Web Find:

Friday's Eco-Friendly Find " is your one-stop shop for all you need to know about reducing your impact, reusing what you’ve got and recycling your trash. Get involved in our world by checking in for daily news, reading weekly feature stories, surfing product channels and opting into our weekly emails." This website got it's start as a hot line for recycling and has grown into a busy website with around 200,000 unique visitors in January according to   They do still have their hotline though so you can still call them on  1-800-CLEANUP if you prefer a live person to help you find a recycling location (their database has over 100,000 across the country) or specific information on where to recycle electronic goods or packing peanuts. has definitely enjoyed more than five minutes of fame having been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America as well as online in the The New York Times.  You can also find their content syndicated on sites ranging from National Geographic to the Huffington Post. If you were to encapsulate their mission, the folks at Earth911 are all about the 3 R's - reduce, reuse, recycle!  They want to show you how to make your trash another man's treasure or how to direct your trash to the best place for it to be recycled or reused.  They want to provide the guidance that will help you to clean up your home, your community and your world by being environmentally responsible. This is a site the Bidmycleaning team loves! Hop on over to visit today!

Bidmycleaning’s Eco-Friendly Web Find:

Friday's Eco-Friendly Find Today’s web find is a wonderful source of information on natural health, living a naturally healthy lifestyle and integrating natural, organic and green products into your life. We are beginning to understand more and more how harmful preservatives, food coloring, harsh chemicals, growth hormones and/or pesticides can be linked to degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It is becoming more important to be informed about new research on these and on how to protect yourself and your family. The Naturally Savvy website is a great place to start. The focus at Naturally Savvy is on Food and Nutrition, Health and Wellness, living mindfully and naturally green. Resources include Savvy TV, Savvy Forums, Savvy Blogs and an Ask The Experts form. The experts in this case are Andrea Donsky, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) and co-founder of with Randy Boyer, Lisa Tsakos, NaturallySavvy's very own Registered Nutritionist and other contributors on topics ranging from sports nutrition to pet care. In the category of most interest to us, green cleaning, the focus is on “teach[ing] you how to scrub your home inside and out without hurting the environment or your family.” Recent posts include “Cleaning Naturally Improves Indoor Air Quality" and green floor cleaning and an interesting one on UV-C Light Technology, although you won’t be using this in your home any time soon. Visit today and you will find lots to enjoy.

Bidmycleaning’s Eco-Friendly Web Find:

Friday's Eco-Friendly Find Greenopolis are about doing good. They want to make the world a better place and try to do this by providing positive solutions. Their specific focus is on recycling, reusing, repurposing and conservation. The Greenopolis belief is that “to actually change the world, recycling and preserving our precious natural resources must be easy and rewarding.” There is a reward system called “Think Green Rewards” which can be earned in several ways. The rewards can be redeemed for discounts and coupons to me used on meals, entertainment, dining, travel and more. Their partners include Marriott, Dominos Pizza and Blockbuster. At their website, , you earn rewards by blogging, commenting and inviting other to join the website community. The website content is focused on proving information and tools to help you recycle easily, learn about conservation and saving our natural resources. The website philosophy is to educate and reward while providing content that is positive, fun to read, visually interesting and provides links to more information where applicable. The other way to earn rewards is returning aluminum cans and PET to GreenOps Tracking Stations which are being deployed at locations like Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego and Whole Foods Markets. You can find more locations at their website.

Bidmycleaning’s Friday Eco-Friendly Web Find:

Friday's Eco-Friendly Find The Good Human, a website founded by a guy called David, encourages people to be better humans through working to clean up the environment, being active in political issues and being more aware of one’s life and surroundings. David says "there are so many ways that we can all contribute to our existence here on Earth, and I found over time that mine was talking about environmentalism and sustainability issues." David covers a wide range of topics from solar energy to environmental impact of the fashion industry. There is lots to read about recycling, green washing, energy efficiency and other advice on how to "go green". Of interest to us are the topics on natural cleaning. David has a comprehensive list of ways to use homemade cleaning products to tackle just about every cleaning task in your house. Many of them we've blogged about in our Green Cleaning Pantry series. There is a series called 'Greenwash of the Week" and one example calls out SC Johnson on the Nature's Source line which they claim to be simple, biodegradable, plant-based cleaner, however, David points out that they still contain non-natural ingredients including fragrances, dyes, stabilizers and preservatives. The Good Human is definitely worth adding to your RSS reader or a quick browse now and then when you have the time.

Bidmycleaning’s Friday Eco-Friendly Web Find:

Friday's Eco-Friendly Find Green Technology Daily is online news and information for everyday people seeking real-time information on what environmental responsibility and sustainability means to you or your business and how to apply to everyday life. Green Technology Daily keeps you up-to-date on developing green trends, products and business practices with some examples being your carbon footprint, green products for your home, choosing a fuel-efficient car or learning about the current White House policy on renewable energy. You can find topics of interest to you in the categories of Green Living, Green Policy, Energy, Environment, Technology & Investing and Transportation. In their EarthTalk section, a recent question was about energy efficiency incentives for homeowners. If you've been considering upgrading your water heater to a more efficient version or installing solar panels then you'll be interested in the response. A recent article of interest looks at how the economic crisis has slowed climate change - finding the upside in the recession. Another looks at the growth in the market for organic coffee making it the single most valuable organic product imported into North America. We are a nation of coffee lovers for sure so this shift in demand can surely be seen as an indicator of a wider growth in demand for organic and natural beverages, foods and products. Even in the face of this tough recession people are prepared to pay more for organic. News includes the passing of the nation's toughest mandatory composting and recycling law by San Francisco which will require everyone to have three separate color-coded bins and sort their trash using blue for recycling, green for compost and black for trash. An interesting fact I learned from this article is that material like food scraps and plant clippings that go into landfills decompose to form methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide ... aside from the fact that they take up costly space. Green Technology Daily isn't as light and fun as some of our recent links but if you're looking for the latest happenings on the green front with solid reporting then it is worth a visit.

Bidmycleaning’s Friday Eco-Friendly Web Find:

Friday's Eco-Friendly Find Billed as "The place where good lives - good news, good style, and good deeds..."'s mission is to make it easy for people to do good things. To be narrow it down a little look to the definition of Tonic which is “anything morally, mentally, or physically inspiring”. The good is categorized as follows: us / world / business / social responsibility/ technology / science / entertainment / life & style and travel. A little bit of serious business mixed in with some fun! There is a handy quick navigation list at the bottom of the page with sub-categories. In order to do good, Tonic have an online store filled with 'good" products and the more you shop the more they will support projects that do good things. Every product provides some social benefit or bears a charitable contribution. In order to be completely transparent about the money coming in and where it goes Tonic has promised to post the checks as proof. One example of money spent is the planting of 1,498 trees in North America, Central America, Africa and Asia. A current featured story is about No Impact Man, Colin Beavan who examined each aspect of his family's environmental impact, reduced consumption in myriad ways –– from killing their TV and switching to cloth diapers, to buying everything second-hand, used baking soda for toothpaste and deodorant, and even shared bath water in an all-out effort to reduce their environmental footprint. If you're interested in his story there is a book and a documentary with a motion picture to follow in 2012. On our favorite topic of cleaning and more specifically house cleaning, there are definitely stories of interest such as one college student's spring cleaning for charity and green cleaning parties where all natural ingredients are whipped up into home cleaning products and with the goal of doing good - whip up a little extra to share with a neighbor. Tonic has some big names behind it with one of the more recognizable ones being Donna Karen. In keeping with Tonic's theme, Donna advocates empowering the consumer with a sense of compassion, commitment and creating a community of consciousness for change. Another is Peter Buffett, the son of the legendary investor and businessman Warren Buffett. Not all projects that have big names behind them deliver the goods but Tonic definitely does. Tonic promise to see hope out of every window and shed light on the positive - who doesn't want some of that! You can get your daily dose of Tonic via RSS, Twitter, Facebook or on YouTube. View other sites featured in our Eco-Friendly Web Find series!
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Bidmycleaning’s Friday Eco-Friendly Web Find: (Mother Nature Network)

Friday's Eco-Friendly Find There is so much to like about Mother Nature Network,  It is a great looking site with a wealth of content which is touted as being 'environmental news and information that makes sense!"   The site claims to be  everyman's eco-guide and there really is something for everyone whether your interests are personal pursuits or business interests, local focus or global view, there are articles, blogs, videos and original programming to suit you. Categories are Earth Matters, Food, Family, Home, Lifestyle, Technology, Transportation and Business.  One of my favorite features is the Local Reports section where you can select your State from a drop down and find content of interest to you generated by local correspondents.   Their front page features the latest from their line up of bloggers and columnists where I learned from Robin Shreeves that some Sigg bottles do still have BPA in them ... Yikes! Again the site has the obligatory how-to guides to support you in your quest to make the Earth a better place.  A very useful addition is the Eco Glossary. The site also has a robust Community section where you can meet other eco-minded folks and create own blog or share your videos. The 'Ask Mother Nature" Q&A is great - check out the questions that have been asked and answered and see if there is one you can add. To see we they had to offer on our favorite topic, cleaning, we used the site's search feature and discovered that they have a really cool search. Just enter your search term and then the site gives you various filter options on the right - you can filter by State, by category or by tags. We quickly narrowed down the search results to only look at green cleaning and found some interesting articles. Visit and see what appeals to you. If you're on twitter you can follow MotherNatureNet to stay up to date with what's happening on the site and get tweets about related news that will likely interest you.

Bidmycleaning’s Friday Eco-Friendly Web Find:

Friday's Eco-Friendly Find Known as the “green living source for today’s conscious consumer”, shows people how to make small changes that add up to big benefits for their wallets, for their health, and, of course, for the health of the planet. The Green Guide was acquired by National Geographic Society in March 2007 and is available in book and magazine format aside from online. The main goal is to provide simple, useful tips with achievable steps for going green. The focus is on affordability and practicality. The Green Guide also has a buying guide which features over 2 million products with everything from personal care products and clothing to refrigerators and cars. The goal is to help eco-aware consumers find information of the greenest and most cost-effective products. The products featured are chosen by Green Guide editors and the Evo partnership provides the ability to immediately purchase any of the featured products. The Green Guide point out that they receive no revenue for their endorsements of products. Featured categories are: Summer Guide, Home & Garden, Personal Care, Kids, Travel, Food and Go Local. We were of course happy to see that they have a section on Cleaning in their Home & Garden category with the obligatory information on green home makeovers, DIY household cleaners and which toxic ingredients to avoid. if you've ever wondered about enzyme cleaners then look no further because Green Guide has the 101. Philip Dickey of the Washington Toxics Coalition, "enzymes allow a product to be effective without the use of harsh solvents." However, they do this by biomimicry which still sounds a little too scientific to be entirely "natural". A very useful feature is the Green Glossary where you can lookup all the alphabet soup chemical ingredients in the products you use in your home as well as all the buzzwords and certifications related to the organic or green supply chain. There is also a great Q&A section where you can ask your burning questions - we of course looked at the Home & Garden Q&A first. For example: "Are there organic or natural methods to clean slow drains?" or "Is it better to unplug or reboot?" Don't expect in depth analysis because all you'll get is a quick one liner. The Green Guide is well worth adding to your green bookmarks but it doesn't require a daily visit. Weekly or monthly to catch up would probably be fine.

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